Alcohol Soluble Polyamide Resins

Alcohol Soluble Polyamide Resins for Inks
Product Apperance Softening Point Amine Value Acid Value Viscosity @30 C in FCB4 Features Uses
Unimide US-25 Yellowish Beads 105-115 7 7 20-22 secs in 50% Ethanol Completely soluble in Ethanol For inks on alcohol based formulations, Food and Milk packs
UNIMIDE US 30 Yellowish Beads 105-115 7 7 25-35 secs in 50% IPA Alcohol dilutable, Good gel properties Flexo and Gravure Inks
UNIMIDE US 7910 Yellowish Beads 105-115 7 7 20-25 secs in 50% IPA. Alcohol Soluble, Excellent gel resistance & thaw property Flexo and Gravure Inks, Over print varnishes. To improve hardness & resistance in NC inks.