Ester Gum

UNIGUM is an Ester Gum resin produced by esterification of Rosin with Pentaerythritol producing a pale, intermediate hard thermoplastic resin.

UNIGUM Ester Gum has superior tackifying properties and very light colour making it highly suitable for Adhesives for bookbindings, carpets, tapes, Inks, paints and Road marking paints.

Ester Gum
Product Softening Point Color on Gardner Acid Value (mg KOH/g) Uses
UNIGUM E-90 85 ± 5 ˚C 2 Max. 10 Max Pressure sensitive Adhesives & Inks
UNIGUM E-95 90 ± 7 ˚C 2 Max. 10 Max Hot melt Adhesives, Inks, Paints
UNIGUM E-105 105 ± 5 ˚C 2 Max. 20 Max Tackifier Resin, Tape labels, Hot melt adhesives, Sealants & Road marking paints.